Adrian Taubenheim

Hey, my name is Adrian, but people call me Addi.
I'm a 21 years old kid from Hamburg, Germany who loves to make films.
My intention is to capture real or realistic moments and turn them into something beautiful that is not easily forgotten.
When I was 10 years old, I played around with my dad's Mac and found that editing program that I quickly couldn't get my hands off anymore. Because I got really into it, I've learned fast and got better quickly. I started to make the most random YouTube videos and at some point I wanted to get creative and made a whole lot of videos that I wouldn't show anyone today.
Now I am here, making money with my still growing passion of making videos.
I became a perfectionist when it comes to camera operation (handheld and steadycam) and editing.

I just love motion.
As you can see in my videos, I love working with smooth transitions, well used slow motion, hyperlapses and a good harmony between video and music.
Make yourself an opinion and have a look into my video portfolio!
(my website is still under construction. If you find something like terrible misspellings or anything essential missing, feel free to tell me!)